iMAP Software is a secure, cloud-based proprietary software program that provides a systematic approach to audits, prioritizes repairs and upgrades based on priority codes, recommends how to approach repairs, and helps track a facility’s condition over its life cycle. iMAP Software documents and manages seven different disciplines:

iMAP Software creates a complete inventory of a facility’s assets, including vessels, equipment, piping, building, and structures. Using iMAP Software, auditors and facility owners have easy access to information that helps them monitor and maintain optimal conditions for facility assets. iMAP Software also simplifies budgeting by helping users estimate repair costs.

Discover the features of iMAP Software:

State-of-the-art auditing technology

iMAP Software incorporates the latest auditing technology, such as infrared thermograph, digital imaging, AutoCAD, and 3E Plus® for real-time reporting and decision-making. It includes tools such as a heat loss calculator and product estimator. iMAP Software is tablet compatible, simplifying field audits.

Mobile support

Stay on top of operating and maintenance budgets by having asset infrastructure information at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Facility owners and iMAP certified users can access audit information and configure reports securely from any web browser. They can configure and view reports by facility area, priority, cost of repair, or energy payback calculations. Reports help identify dependencies, budget and schedule repairs, and plan long-term capital projects that will optimize energy efficiency and equipment life cycle.

The iMAP Software mobile app lets iMAP certified users enter information directly into the software during a field audit, reducing the risk of errors and eliminating data entry time back in the office. Easy-to-use document forms ensure efficient and accurate data entry. Users can capture photos and video, geotag them, and incorporate them into the audit, helping business associates, clients, and maintenance and repair workers visualize and properly identify systems and any associated issues.

Standardized documentation and audit results

iMAP Software integrates audit results into engineering drawings, plant isometrics, and piping and instrumentation drawings (P&ID). It incorporates geotagged images, lab results, and other documents, helping track a facility’s condition over its life cycle. These records become an invaluable risk management tool.  Using industry standards, iMAP Software audit results identify where problems exist, prioritize maintenance requirements, and recommend repair approaches, increasing plant safety and reducing business risk.

Intuitive user interface

Developed with extensive feedback from clients, iMAP Software has an intuitive user interface accessible through standard web browsers. Tips, tutorials, and user manuals are all at your fingertips, helping auditors, facilities managers, maintenance, and planning staff find what they need quickly.

Configurable reports

A key feature of iMAP Software is its strong reporting capabilities. iMAP Software collects and stores information in one central location in a secure database, and users can generate unbiased reports that ensure equipment repairs are completed in a timely, cost-effective manner in accordance with facility standards, procedures, and planning schedules.

With iMAP Software, facility owners and iMAP certified users can easily generate the following reports:

  • Priority-based reports
  • Detailed equipment reports
  • Summary equipment reports
  • Detailed costing reports for individual equipment
  • Summary costing reports for an overall facility
  • Reports by area and priority class
  • Energy conservation reports that incorporate 3E Plus
  • Overall equipment repair cost reports, including payback period
  • Plot plans
  • Detailed equipment schematics
  • P&ID Drawings
Secure and available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) delivers iMAP Software, a proven computing environment that offers scalability, security, reliability, and affordability. AWS controls data access with multiple layers of security including Identity and Access Management (IAM), Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and key rotation.

AWS protects the privacy and integrity of data with industry recognized certifications and audits, including:

  • PCI DSS Level 1
  • ISO 27001
  • FISMA Moderate
  • SAS 70 Type II

Daily incremental backups and regular full backups ensure data is always available, while iMAP Software’s MySQL database environment offers scalability, flexibility, and affordability.