iMAP Audit Services


The iMAP Advantage

iMAP services comprise of Asbestos and Designated Substance Audits, Air Clearance Testing, Coatings and Fireproofing Audits, and Insulation, CUI, Energy and Steam Trap Audits.

IMAP Auditors are experienced professionals in their respective disciplines. We have on staff Certified Insulation Energy Appraisers, Infrared Thermographers, NACE certified Coatings and Fireproofing inspectors and Competencies in Asbestos auditing and sampling.

iMAP provides the tools that will influence profitability and competitiveness of your facility. In turn equipment life is lengthened and replacement costs are minimized. Companies are then in a better position to maintain facility compliance with environmental and safety goals while increasing ROI.

iMAP Approach

Standardized approach

iMAP provides an engineered systems approach to auditing. With the distinctive multi-functional reporting options iMAP Auditors use the latest-in-technology to create a comprehensive inventory and report on the status and condition of your facility assets.

The auditing platform

Provides a comprehensive solution for data compilation. This systematic approach to auditing meets the needs of busy managers as iMAP Software provides tremendous flexibility and an easy-to-read reporting system designed with the latest technology in its class.

Access to data

Is critical for managers to make decisions in the planning stages or during critical situations. With iMAP’s secure web-access, data is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

iMAP Field Services

Identify where asbestos exists within a facility and meets legislative asbestos management requirements. Asbestos audits further allow organizations to prioritize asbestos removal and insulation upgrades while minimizing risk to maintenance crews and all site personnel.

Identify current condition of your coatings and lining systems for piping, equipment and structures in accordance with industry standard guidelines.

Identify existing fireproofing materials (cementitious, concrete, intumescent, etc) and recommend repair procedures consistent with insurance requirements.

Applies a steam trap program which can identify repairs required in a system, classify each steam trap, summarize, and identify dollar saving through reduction of steam loss.

Identify energy conservation and green house gas emissions integrating energy cost methodology and provides estimated cost-of-repair and payback periods. These results help managers schedule work for both short and long-term planning.

Identify the condition of containers utilizing tools, equipment and field expertise then prioritizing necessary repairs.

Applies the American Petroleum Institute API 510 and 570 Standards for maintenance of piping and equipment based on service of the equipment.