Privacy Policy

This policy contains iMAP Audits Inc. (iMAP) policies for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

Collected Information
iMAP collects only limited amounts of personal information iMAP may collect personal information regarding contacts and individual users within our customers and potential customers. iMAP collects such information to the extent reasonably necessary for the purposes described below.

How Information is Used
iMAP uses information for purposes including, without limitation, accounting, customer service, sales, software hosting, software maintenance. Information for the purpose of marketing is used only with the express written permission of our customers.

Information Sharing
Except for use by iMAP’s consultants and service providers on iMAP’s behalf for iMAP’s uses described above, iMAP does not share personal information with third parties.

Access to Information on Client System
iMAP  may have access to personal information contained in customer systems during installation and maintenance of iMAP software. Such information is not used or disclosed to anyone, either within or outside of iMAP , except to the extent reasonably necessary to provide such services.

Personal information is secured in a manner appropriate to the sensitivity of the information.

Accessing your Information
Individuals may review their personal information contained in iMAP files by contacting the iMAP . If you believe that any of your personal information is inaccurate, we can make appropriate corrections.

Contact Us
For more information on iMAP and privacy please contact

General Information
iMAP reserves the right to amend this policy from time to time. Notwithstanding the above, the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information may be made other than described above to the extent provided for in the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, and other relevant Canadian and Ontario legislation in effect from time to time. These exemptions include, without limitation, publicly available information, information disclosed for criminal or civil investigations, or compliance with law or court orders. iMAP may also disclose personal information to another entity purchasing the assets of iMAP provided that entity abides by this or a similar privacy policy.