Industrial markets

iMAP Software reduces production disruptions by identifying and recommending maintenance and repairs before problems lead to unscheduled shutdowns or very costly repair. Based on priority codes, you can schedule work, avoiding costly production disruptions. iMAP Software feeds into budgeting and planning processes by estimating costs and quantities of needed materials and calculating payback based on energy savings or efficiency improvements in plant production. Facility owners and managers can make informed decisions by securely accessing audit information and reports from any web browser. They can also organize reports by priority, cost, equipment, or payback period.

iMAP Software serves industrial clients in the following markets:

  • Petrochemical
  • Oil and gas
  • Pipelines
  • Power
  • Pulp and paper
  • Heavy manufacturing
  • Mining and mineral
Commercial and institutional markets

Commercial and institutional facilities need to maintain a safe and healthy environment for workers and visitors while identifying any opportunities for cost savings. iMAP Software can prioritize energy efficiency upgrades based on payback periods, and recommend repair techniques and material that minimize facility disruption.

Commercial and institutional clients include:

  • Universities and colleges
  • Federal, provincial, and municipal facilities
  • Small manufacturing
  • Military sites

With Read Only Plus access to iMAP Software, facility owners and managers can access audit information and configure reports. Reports arranged by area, priority, or energy payback calculations help identify dependencies, budget and schedule repairs, and plan long-term capital projects that will optimize energy efficiency and equipment life cycle.


iMAP Software helps these infrastructure asset management service providers organize their audit approach, collect and manage data, generate reports, and do their jobs more productively:

  • Asbestos surveyors
  • Energy auditors
  • Insulators
  • Coating Inspectors
  • Fireproofing Inspectors
  • Engineering firms

Key features of iMAP Software include:

  • Mobile app for auditors that easily captures information in the field
  • Secure browser-based access to reports for auditors and facility owners
  • Industry standards integrated into the application
  • Priority codes that prioritize maintenance and repair
  • Reports generated with one click by cost, equipment locations, priority codes, and more
  • Estimator tool that helps pinpoint quantities of product required, budget maintenance, and calculate repair payback
  • Heat loss calculator that calculates heat loss and projects energy and savings and GHG emission reductions after repairs are completed

iMAP Software lets consultants manage several facility systems from a single piece of software that they can access through a secure web browser, no matter where they are. With voice recording and video and digital imaging support, an iMAP mobile app significantly increases productivity in the field. Auditors can document and capture information on their tablet during a survey or audit, reducing the opportunity for error and eliminating data entry back at the office. iMAP Software creates a complete inventory of vessels, piping, equipment, structures, and buildings, making it easy to track maintenance over time and providing a valuable document repository for both contractors and clients.

If you’re a consultant who wants to find out more about being an iMAP certified user, please visit our consultants page.