If you are an asbestos surveyor, an insulating professional, an energy, coatings, or fireproofing auditor, OR an engineering firm that offers infrastructure asset management services, iMAP wants to talk to you. Our award-winning iMAP Software offers an efficient and cost-effective way to meet or exceed the expectations of your commercial, light industry, or heavy industry clients by helping them visualize, plan, and prioritize repairs to piping and equipment assets. iMAP Software is an easy-to-use tool that helps document and manage seven different disciplines:


Discover the advantages of becoming an iMAP certified user:

Deliver consistent audit results

One common challenge when conducting surveys and audits is that different professionals offer different opinions, creating inconsistent recommendations that make infrastructure asset management planning difficult. iMAP Software offers professionals a systematic, standardized approach to infrastructure asset management, backed by applicable standards and legislation built into the program. With a consistent methodology for data collection, you can obtain all the information needed when in the field. Based on data, condition of assets, and applicable regulations, iMAP Software assigns industry-specific priority codes that help clients prioritize maintenance requirements. Reason codes identify how and why each priority code was assigned.

Improve productivity

iMAP Software is a secure cloud-based solution, so you can spend your time doing field audits, instead of supporting or maintaining software. For example, iMAP updates the program with the latest applicable legislation and industry standards for every jurisdiction.

iMAP Software is easy to use, and requires to installation or IT support. All you need is a web browser and login information. iMAP trains you on the software as part of the certification process.

iMAP Software is tablet compatible, so you can enter information directly into the software during a field audit, reducing the risk of errors and eliminating data entry time back in the office. You can capture photos, geotag them, and incorporate them into the audit, helping business associates, your clients, and their contractors visualize and properly identify systems and any associated issues.

Since it integrates seven different disciplines, you can enter plant, equipment, and operation information once, and use it for different disciplines. For example, information captured in the Fireproofing Management System discipline may be useful in the Insulation Management System.

Maintain value

Once you submit information into the iMAP Software, you can easily generate an auditor’s report, or summary or detailed reports by priority code, equipment location, or budget. iMAP Software is a powerful document management system that can integrate engineering drawings, plant isometrics, P&IDs, digital images, lab results, and any other documentation you require, making future audits and repair and remediation projects simpler. Since iMAP Software is priced by the audit, you can easily recoup costs while becoming a valuable ongoing resource for clients.

For more information on becoming an iMAP certified user, contact us.