Maximize asset life cycle

Protective coatings resist corrosion, and deteriorating coatings and linings can reduce the life cycle of facility assets, increasing facility costs and risking downtime due to equipment failure. Protective coatings also include intumescent coatings that protect substrates from fire.

Protective coatings audits identify current condition of your coatings and lining systems for piping, equipment, and structures in accordance with industry standards. Using the iMAP Coatings Management System, part of iMAP Software, iMAP certified users survey an organization’s piping, equipment, tanks vessels and structures to identify deficiencies or rate of deterioration of the coating and lining systems. iMAP certified users are also certified by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE).

What are the advantages of the iMAP Coatings Management System?

Creates inventory of protective coatings

iMAP Software captures plant, area, and location information; plot plans, floor plans, and detailed descriptions; and geotagged photos. The software also helps iMAP certified users systematically record the type, location, and condition of all protective coatings, creating a valuable inventory and document management system. iMAP coatings codes, built into the software and dependent on applicable regulations, help evaluate the condition of coatings and lining systems, ensuring consistent, unbiased audit results. The software and auditors place particular emphasis on identifying potential corrosion under insulation (CUI) and corrosion under coatings (CUC) locations.

Ensures standards compliance

iMAP Software produces a comprehensive audit, measuring the facility against applicable industry and regulatory standards, corporate and facility guidelines, and recommended best practices of coating material manufacturers. Audits are produced quickly, since industry standards are incorporated into the software, and automatically matched to a facility’s location and industry. Tracking the results of audits is easy, since they are integrated with engineering drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID), and plant isometrics.

Recommends and prioritizes maintenance, repairs, or replacements

iMAP Software prioritizes coatings maintenance and repair projects using priority codes that take into account a facility’s location, industry, applicable standards, safety objectives, maintenance policies, and existing condition. Tackling high-priority repairs helps maximize a facility’s life cycle and increase facility safety. iMAP Software also recommends maintenance approaches that maximize equipment life cycle.

Reduces waste and estimates costs

An estimator tool, integrated into iMAP Software, calculates the surface area of any equipment or structure needing coatings refurbishment or replacement and converts it into convenient measurements for product ordering purposes, reducing overages. The software also produces cost estimates, which aids in budgeting and planning. You can easily configure and view reports by budget, priority codes, or equipment location, helping you plan and schedule maintenance activities.

Improves productivity

A drag and drop report builder in iMAP Software lets you build configurable reports that give the information you need, in a format you want. And secure access from any web browser – even mobile devices – means that users have access to coatings and linings information no matter where they are.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStorage tanks before an application of protective coating. An iMAP protective coatings audit recommended that these tanks be re-coated with a particular protective coating before corrosion got to a point that the tanks would need to be replaced.
Coatings_2Tanks after coatings repair.